Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Pastor's Study

Finally after 5 years and 1 month since our move to this town, my dearest has a study which is more conducive to work. When we moved it was right before the beginning of Lent so he pretty much unpacked his books and put them onto the shelves without too much rhyme or reason. The years passed and the desk, provided by the church, kept getting piled higher; books were piling on the floor in increasing stacks; papers for this group, that group and the other were put hither, thither, and yon; books and papers left from previous years that should have been sorted through before David's joined the party were still there, collecting dust.

But not anymore. The church bought him a new desk so we could throw away the deteriorating college-like computer table, and the old metal school-teacher desk was moved out and put into the Sunday School superintendent's office. This past Monday we worked all afternoon sorting through the books and papers and organizing and making it look like this:Doesn't that look nice?

I made labels for his three-ring binders. Now he can easily see which one he needs instead of having to open up everyone like before.

He now has baskets for his various papers for Catechesis and Board meetings.

All books are in nice neat rows, easily accessible and all that go together are together. And just look at him putting his brand new Ancient Christian Commentary that arrived in the mail right where it belongs.

See that space near the wall with the two tubs on the floor and the three shelves above? That is where the old computer desk sat. Once taking that out, he could add those new shelves (which aren't actually new, they were in storage) and now books aren't piled on the floor in front of the shelves blocking the walkway.

See his nice, new desk? He has room to spread out his books while working on Bible Classes or Sermons, or whatever.

And just look at him working away, deep in thought.

But wait what's this? Was he really looking at the computer working or was he stealing glances over at the shelf on the wall? Wait, is that a picture? Of what?

Ah, how sweet.


binder bill said...
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Kristi Heinz said...

Can't wait for my husband to check this out! Maybe he would find motivation too! However, that would probably require more bookshelves. If only the church would have thought about that instead of decorating! A lot of his wall space is filled with Art.

Glenda said...

Well, there aren't a lot of places to hang pictures in this office, the walls are concrete with paneling over them. So we haven't ever hung a few of his icons or his ordination picture or others, but now they have those nifty picture hangars that are removable from walls. I think we're going to buy some of those and try to hang up his pictures, after wiping off the 5 years of dust they currently have on them. LOL

Karen said...

What a great work space! It ALMOST makes me want to redo our office space here. ;)

Rev. Richard A. Heinz said...

re: Kristi's comment about the's not even GOOD art. They had one of those (admittedly fun) world maps that look like they are from the days of Columbus and other explorers, and a mediocre print of da Vinci's Last Supper. I added my own "Madonna of the Chair," 3 foot tall crucifix, and sem diplomas.

Still, I had two standard sized book cases when we arrived. Didn't fit HALF of my library! I have since snagged a third (and a half-sized one) from elsewhere in the building, but many books are STILL in the attic after nine years.

So, I still have bad stacks all over, more books and more art in storage! ugh!

Kudos to you and David for an Extreme Pastor's Study Makeover! :-)