Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Food

I wanted to share some tasty recipes with you that are new to me but now are included in my must make again category.

First, Mini-Chicken Turnovers from Taste of Home Magazine. I made these last Saturday night for our annual Altar Guild Epiphany Party held at the parsonage. They were fairly easy to make. Instead of chicken, I used leftover pork from a roast we had eaten a couple of days before. I also doubled the recipe. This made about 70 with leftover meat. Today for lunch I spread this on homemade wheat bread, added a slice of cheese and toasted them under the broiler. Very good!

Second, Joy's Prize-Winning Trifle from the All Recipes website. This was the dessert I served at the party. Yum! I had forgotten to take out my frozen strawberries, so I didn't use those, but the kiwi and bananas and pineapple didn't really need them. It made such a pretty dessert and filled my trifle bowl to the very top and beyond; the kids even liked it. Oh and I only eat homemade Angel Food Cakes, therefore I made my Great Aunt's recipe which was thick and added to the fullness of the trifle.

Third, Boston Baked Beans from Hillbilly Housewife. Kim recommended this site on Loopers and when I was perusing it, I found the baked bean recipe. I made it the other night for supper. These tasted very good and they were super easy to make. Mine were done at 5 hours and just starting to get dry, so beware when you try them yourself. I made the full recipe in order to freeze some like the Housewife suggests. The three younger kids didn't like them as well, but I think over time they'll come to love them as much as the rest of us did.

Fourth, "Maple-Buttery Corn Muffins" from There's a Chef in My Soup by Emeril Lagasse. We gave this cookbook to Hannah and Ellie for Christmas and it is a winner. You'll have to borrow it from the library or purchase it at the store, this is a great cookbook for kids (and us parents). So far we've loved everything we've tried. These corn muffins tasted great with the Boston Baked Beans and Fried Ham.

Last but certainly not least is Whole Cranberry Sauce. Follow the directions on the back of the Ocean Spray cranberry bag or look here. It is super simple and tastes great. My kids have been eating it stirred into plain or French vanilla yogurt for a snack after swim club practice.


Kristi said...

These sound scrumptious! Thanks for sharing, will have to try those. The kids got a couple cookbooks for Christmas here too, so we have been trying new recipes as well. Many keepers!!

Yum, can't wait to try them.

Kim said...

We've had the Boston baked beans a few times and they are really good. I love recipes I can throw in the crockpot for the day. We've tried a number of recipes on the Hillbilly Housewife site and have liked all of them.
I look forward to trying the turnover recipe, they look really good.

AmusedMomma said...

My kids always liked the popping of the cranberries! Scrumptious sounding recipes I see we'll have to try. Thanks for sharing them so we can.