Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin,...

I'm trying to get all the pre-Christmas preparations done before Christmas.

Last Thursday night, David put up the tree and on Friday the kids helped me to decorate it.

Saturday Grandpa left us and took Grandma home from the hospital. Oh wait, I didn't tell you that. Two weeks prior, Grandma was in the hospital mainly due to a bad cold/flu bug. After going home and going back in a couple of days later and staying for a day or so due to serious bloating, we thought she was on the mend. But the Saturday after her first initial visit, she fell at home and was once more taken by ambulance to the hospital. Blood clots in both lungs and her leg were found and she promptly stayed in the hospital all last week as the doctors and nurses began to administer blood thinners and monitor the clots. Grandpa stayed with us since we live closer to the hospital than they do. It was nice to have him here, and we were sad to have him go, but oh so glad that Grandma is doing much better and can return home.

Sunday after Bible class David was called to the nursing home. A member's health was fading fast and she was taken to her eternal home 10 minutes before he arrived. That afternoon David and I put up the outside porch lights before Christmas caroling with a group at church to the shut-ins. When walking out the door, David slipped on an icy patch, and now has a very sore right ankle.

Monday after David met with the family at the funeral home, he and I went Christmas shopping and almost finished. I stayed up editing photos and uploading them to order a gift for my mother that she expects every year. That was done, but I couldn't come up with a Christmas card photo that I liked.

Today we will head to a town near the farm (Grandpa and Grandma's) for haircuts and also a stop to see how Grandma is doing. On the way through the "big city" between here and there, we'll stop and get the last couple of presents needed, that we couldn't get yesterday because the coupon is good starting today.

Tomorrow David will have a funeral in the morning, catechesis classes in the afternoon, and Advent services in the evening with a meeting afterwards. He'll be tired.

I still need to finish the Christmas card and letter, bake rolls, both buns and cinnamon, bake gingerbread cookies, and a honey spice cookies, clean the house, and on, and on. I usually decorate more for Christmas, but this year time has kept slippin' into the future. So, I'll pull out the manger scene and with the tree, call it good for this year.


Cheryl said...

We cut back on decorating this year, too (although we have never decorated as much as some to begin with). It's liberating!

Jenny Schurman said...

Ok Glenda, your turn. I have tagged you :)