Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday's Visit

On Monday we met my mother half way between here and there and gave her our kids. Not permanently, just for a short vacation. Here they are before they hopped into Mamaw's van and drove away. They were looking forward to this trip. That is my Aunt Dotty in the plaid shirt. She rode along with mom so she wouldn't be alone on the trip.

Afterwards, David and I drove to the little town where David's great uncle was a pastor for twenty-five years. The church building was built while he was pastor there, and from pictures we saw in the narthex, it has changed some on the inside, but not much. A small country church on a gravel road that has a long history. It is the "mother" church of the area and was begun during the civil war. For those that like to know, TLH is in the pew and in the basement, brand new LSB's newly taken out of the box, awaiting the day the arrive upstairs in the sanctuary.

We visited his grave in the cemetery behind the church. I love cemeteries around churches. My home church is like that and each time I visit, I can see my dad's cross-shaped tombstone. It just seems *right* that the saints who worshiped together here on this earth are also laid to rest together to be summoned together on the last day.

When we called David's mother to find out for sure if the church we found was the right one, she told us to drive a mile down the road and visit her cousin. So we did. We had a wonderful visit with Vern and Esther. Esther grew up in the parsonage (just to the right of the cemetery), and now she lives not far away.

As we headed home, we made one more stop. This time to visit Wendy and Her Lost Boys. I wanted to meet the newest lost boy before they moved west. Little D is as cute in person as he is in pictures and he contentedly slept the whole time we were there. N right away took David away to play a game. J was playing his new science game he just got for his birthday. R showed me her beautiful American girl doll. C was in and out like big brothers and I was here and there just like two year olds. I did get a picture. Aren't they cute?

Wendy is a great mother and handling 6 children 11 and under and an upcoming move with the grace and strength of a strong woman. God's Blessings on your move west!


elephantschild said...

The Rev. Otto Beer, eh?

Way too appropriate a name for a Lutheran pastor. HA!

(Thanks for the link in the previous post. See ya in Feb, maybe, ok?)

Jenny Schurman said...

I have to say I had the pleasure of going to Mom's for the weekend and allow my son to play with all of your children. They have built awesome looking forts in the woods. You HAVE to get Mom to send you the photos. Then on Sunday their second cousins Austin and Kaitlin came over. All the kids had so much fun. It was really cool to spend time with them. I can't believe how much they have grown. I hope you are having fun on your trip!