Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Why does she think it is necessary to roll her collar around in her (ahem) business? And why does she do it on days when I don't have time to bathe her? And recently after being groomed?

You naughty, naughty dog. Now you'll have to stay outside and only in the laundry room of the house until bath time.

Oi, and mom you thought I needed a dog - why? See what you have to look forward to in a couple of months?


Jenny Schurman said...

But even with $#%@^ on her colar she still is beautiful. Those big brown eyes just make you wanna forget how bad she can be. Lets be honest too. If you didn't have her you would miss her. She is very much apart of the "gang"

Laura said...

You really need to change that poopy picture. This is more important than school, meals and it now. Or, take another picture of the dog nice and clean.

Now run.