Thursday, August 09, 2007

More Harry Potter

We went to my in-laws farm on Sunday afternoon for a short, overnight trip. This provided an hour and a half's uninterrupted reading aloud of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince while driving. No I wasn't driving, my husband was. I'm not *that* talented. :-)

On our way home on Monday after the noon meal, we stopped to buy the various supplies the children needed for start of school. We were so close to finishing the 6th book, so a stop at the bookstore to purchase the final Harry Potter book also was a must. Well, while in Barnes and Noble, the kids saw that Bertie Bott's every flavor Beans were for sale and of course, wanted some. But we didn't give in.

Yesterday afternoon the kids and I went to the grocery after our library trip. Turning down one aisle, there again were the Bertie Bott's Beans. Mom gave in this time. One box plopped into the cart, with squeals of delight and constant reading of which flavors were included (black pepper, blueberry, booger, buttered popcorn, cherry, cinnamon, dirt, earthworm, earwax, grape jelly, grass, lemon drop, pickle, rotten egg, sardine, sausage, soap, toasted marshmallow, tutti-fruitti, vomit).

After supper, Dad handed out one bean to each person to try. We were to take a half bite, then try and tell what flavor it was (it is color-coded on the back of the box). Not being as puerile as the rest, I told my husband I wanted a good flavor, he kindly obliged as mine was blueberry. Sweet, and a bit tangy.

One child had black pepper, one vomit, one sausage, one tutti-fruitti, and I'm not sure of the rest. I was simply amused at watching their faces as they tried these flavors and figured out which flavor it was. The funniest was our 7 yr old son who upon figuring out he was eating the vomit one, said, "it's actually pretty good."

I doubt I ever buy a box again, but the kids sure are having fun with this one. And I won't be surprised if one of them decides to use their own spending money on a box.

Oh and for those who care, we finished the 6th book on Tuesday evening and right away began the 7th book.


Presbytera said...

I have never heard of those beans but I don't think I am deprived because of that lack of knowledge : )

Melynda said...

I got those once! I have never read potter but have eaten the beans...

Laura said...


They have those beans at the Jelly Belly warehouse in Kenosha...and you can sample them! We were laughing as we heard people say, "I would like to try vomit." Gross! I think the weirdest I tasted was grass.