Thursday, May 24, 2007

Are You Registered Yet?

The Thirteenth Annual Symposium on Catechesis will be here soon, will I see you there?

This is one (if not *the* one) of my husband's and my favorite conferences. In the ten years since his ordination we have only missed 3 of them. It is a time for my husband to meet and talk with other confessional pastors; to learn, to be reminded and to be encouraged.

While I would like to be able to sit through the sessions with my husband, my duty right now is to watch the children so that not only my husband can learn, but also the other attendees can hear and learn. So we spend our days in the water park and pool. Now that the youngest is almost 5, I plan to bring them to the morning Matins each day before heading off to the water.

Even though we miss the sessions, the kids and I do attend both Divine Services. Oh what a great treat. There we sit amidst others who sing and sing loudly, who listen, who crave the body and blood of our Lord. Those two services, even with young children whining (mine) about having to go to church or being hot or being tired or hungry, or that a sibling is poking them, or they have to go potty is worth the trip.

So will you be coming? If you've never attended, please consider coming, I don't think you could be sorry if you did.


Jane said...

Oooh, this means I'll finally get to meet you! :)

Presbytera said...

Yes, I'm registered. I will either be bringing my dil and dgd or my dil, dgd and my husband. Looking forward to seeing you again. I shouldn't be doin' this -- I should be in bed!