Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Snowmobile Fun

On Monday afternoon we went to a friend's house. Her kids only had a half day at school and therefore wanted mine to come over to play. The oldest, a 7th grade boy wanted to pull my kids on sleds behind the snowmobile. Taking turns (only 3 at a time could go), they had a blast! It was cold and somewhat windy, so they all came in with rosy cheeks and great big smiles.

Then my friend said I had to go on the snowmobile. So I borrowed their gear, bundled up and enjoyed the ride. This young man is a very cautious driver - no funny things - and in the straight aways got us up to about 40mph. What fun! Now I understand the appeal of snowmobiling. Living in town, we have no room for snowmobile fun, but where my friend lives, it is perfect. Her family runs a campground and the big field in the back is a cool place to snowmobile.

If you're a camper and would like to visit, check out their site here. It is very family friendly, and if you're here over the weekend, I know of a great church you can attend. And if you come during the week (or over the weekend) I know of a great home where you can enjoy a meal or some nice quenching beverages and a treat. :-) Or if you prefer, we can hang out pool side while the kiddos splash around.

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