Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Snow Pictures

I finally am able to upload some pictures of all our snow that fell over the past two weekends.

As you can imagine, the kids had lots of fun. They were out even during the snowfall loving every minute.

My kids get the enjoyment of the big snowpiles that come from the clearing off of the church parking lot (another benefit to living in the parsonage). With this much snow, the piles were quite high and has made for lots of fun outdoors.

You can see that the pile almost covers the view of the bus from our sight. What the kids love doing is packing down the snow and making a slide. Doesn't it look like fun?

Some of the other pictures are of the piles pushed by a snowblower for our sidewalks or by a snowplow for the driveway. I love the way a snowblower makes the sidewalks look like tunnels. It is such a cool site! These pictures don't really do justice to all the beauty and the amounts. This has been the most snow since we've been back living in the state. The snowmobilers were just as excited as all the kids! I bet they've put on more miles in the last week or so than the last couple years combined.

I think the only one of our family who didn't enjoy the snow was our little sheltie. Poor girl, the snow was so tall, she could barely walk. And aghast! she couldn't even see and bark at all that was going around in other yards from people walking to animals running because she is too short to see over the snow. We even had to shovel a path for her to get into the yard to do her duty.

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