Tuesday, January 23, 2007


In the spring of 99, my dh bought me a very good set of Calphalon Non-stick cookware. I loved it - it cleaned up nicely, cooked things well and I raved about it. So much so, that my bil bought the same kind for his wife. She and I were really enjoying these great pots and pans.

But then, the non-stick coating seemed to be wearing off. I noticed it, and so did my sil. This happened gradually over time while we kept using them. Then we both noticed how bad each of ours were getting. Mine I think were a bit worse than hers, and we were both just sickened by this outcome. This was suppose to last and not wear off. We had spent a lot of money on these kettles. So she and I now despaired over the kettles, disgusted that we had been "sucked" in to these sorts of pans.

My two saucepans were getting very bad so much so, that I told my dh that I wanted to replace them with stainless steel as they wore out. I was over the non-stick coating. I told all sorts of people my displeasure with these kettles. I was ready to throw them in the trash and never look back.

Ahh, but dh happened to think about a warranty. He went and looked, yep, there was a lifetime warranty on the kettles. So I called the number, got the address, found out the info, packed and shipped the two bad kettles away the week before Christmas. The representative had told me that I would get new kettles, that they had yet to find kettles sent back that were not defective and therefore didn't get replaced. So we waited.

Christmas came, and the kids bought me two new stainless steel saucepans. I loved them and was amazed that dh went ahead and bought me new ones when we should be getting "new" ones to replace our old ones.

This week, the new ones came. In the box brand spanking new- model saucepans to replace the ones that had worn out. These are very nice and look and feel much more durable than the last ones. Happy day! I can't believe I actually was sent replacements. Now we don't feel like our big money purchase 8 years ago was a waste. Calphalon stood by their product and warranty. Good for you Calphalon. I'll gladly cook with your pots a lot longer and when the other pans start to wear out, I'll know that they'll send me new ones.

I'm back on the Calphalon bandwagon. Any company that will stand by its product for a lifetime warranty (and mean it) deserves accolades!


Susan said...

Kitchen-Aid did the same for me. My mixer/kneader had a one-year warranty. It started making really really weird awful noises all of a sudden at 17 months. When I called to ask about cost of repairs, they listened to the motor over the phone, and shipped me a new one, no questions asked, with a one-year warranty on the new one, and they simply trusted me to return the one I had. I was impressed!

(You know what? It shouldn't be such a happy surprise to find an ethical honest company.)

Elizabeth said...

This is good to know! I just bought my first pan at Christmas-time.

Mumme Mom said...

Woo- hoo to Kitchen Aid for you Susan! I'm impressed right along with ya. And I agree - why am I so amazed that a company does the right thing? There's a blog post in there somewhere! ;-)

Elizabeth, I hope you like your new pans. Are yours the "Calphalon One" series or something else?