Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Too much TV

With the cold running through all the kids and me (thankfully it was mainly head colds - and there is still a lot of coughing heard around here), we spent much of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday watching TV. So much so, that by Sunday evening I was feeling more ill and quite a bit dizzy.

We watched movies like National Treasure, Jeremiah Johnson, Singin in the Rain, The Incredibles, and others I can't recall. We watched Alton Brown's show, Feasting on Asphalt on the Food Network. It was fun to snuggle with the kiddos, drink our waters, half-nap and half-watch the shows. But it really was too much. Since there wasn't much physical activity, none of us slept great during the nights and by Sunday evening I was over TV - just like Mama Bernstein Bear.

Monday, dh's day off, we said, "no more TV." Instead Dh challenged Hannah and Ellie to a game of cribbage. Whoever beat him first could pick what we ate for dinner. First game, Ellie and I beat David and Hannah - woo hoo! Ellie picked hot dogs and chips. After naps, I taught the whole family to play a new domino game I learned called, "Chicken Foot." We had such fun. Abby and I were a team and Sam helped Dad; Nathan was able to do it all by himself. We played the whole game which took all afternoon and into the evening.

This morning, the little ones played with their trains or colored and Hannah and Ellie made up games with the maps on the wall. This afternoon after my nap (yes, I'm still feeling sick, having the cold settled in my sinuses), I awoke to find the older three playing Chicken Foot by themselves. I was so proud that they did that, I forgot all about all those hours of TV watching. I think I'll offer a treat tonight - yep you guessed it, we'll probably watch some TV. :-)

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