Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Night Watchman

St. Nicholas' Day 2016 was the fourth year of giving the family an incense smoker. Having already given St. Nicholas, St. Peter, and a Pastor, we chose this year the Night Watchman.

When we visited Rothenburg ob der Tauber with the family in May of 2012, one of the things we did was take the Night Watchman's Tour. It was a favorite of all. The man who played the night watchman did an excellent job of describing what his job entailed as he led us around the city pointing out various spots of importance. Besides all that, just look at him:

Remembering this fun tour and spotting a night watchman smoker in the catalog from Katie Wohlfahrt, it was an easy decision which smoker to give for St. Nicholas Day!

We all were excited and amazed at how big he was! David and I didn't realize just how big he was going to be. We had wrongly assumed he would be about the same size as our other smokers, but, well, you know what assuming does!

Standing guard

I love his hair, mustache, and pipe, not to mention the feather in his cap!

His lantern is as big as little Martin Luther!

Don't you love the bird?

Here you can see how much bigger he is than our other smokers

Even though he is bigger than our others, we have enjoyed him this winter season. I think we will lovingly call him Hagrid because it is only fitting that a big, lovable giant be a Night Watchman.

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Ewe said...

I lost our smoker when we moved. I know it is in one of the boxes not unpacked yet, but I really missed it this year. I did find the incense for it, just not our shepherd. If we don't find it soon I might need to buy a second smoker. I love your night watchman and can't believe how big he is!