Saturday, April 09, 2016


March was a busy month here.

The first week I spent trying to stay awake. One doozy of a cold kept me sleeping all day, all night, and not doing anything for most of the week except moving from bed to couch. I was too tired to even read.

There ended up being a bat in church which Sam and Abby, armed with tennis rackets, were able to stun and dispose of.

Nathan successfully completed life guard training, turned 16, and passed his driver's test.

His chosen birthday meals (spread over two days):
Breakfast: cinnamon rolls
Dinner: biscuits and gravy
Supper: california tacos

He did not request a birthday cake nor pie. But since he took his driver's test the day of his birthday in a town where the bakery makes the best blueberry donuts around, we bought those and they were celebratory donuts for being 16 and a newly licensed driver!

Abby participated in the Suzuki graduation event held each year. It is always a lovely day listening to the soloists and the students.

Hannah and Ellie spent part of March on band tour in Florida. One day their concert was close enough to some of my family who made the trek to see them and listen to the band play.

March ended with the great Easter celebration. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleleuia!

After a morning at church, we hosted dinner for the family. All of David's family were here except the brother's family who live in Illinois and the niece and husband who live in WI. It was a grand day!

Now it is April and the kids and I are doing our best to stay focused on finishing our work. Hannah will be spending much of her days in the practice room as she participates in fellow classmates senior recitals and prepares for her's. (April 23rd if you would like to join us!)

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