Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sous La Maison - Fine Dining at its Best

Since Valentine's Day weekend saw David and I off snowshoeing in state parks and staying at a bed and breakfast while Hannah was enjoying time with Nick and his family and the rest of the kids were busy cross country skiing, ice-skating, and watching movies, our annual reservations for Sous La Maison happened on Saturday, February 20. The wait did not diminish the delight of the dinner.

Our staff for the evening was the same as the last several years. Actually, all the years we've dined. Always friendly, helpful, and fantastic cooks, we've enjoyed watching not only them grow, but also their culinary skills grow.

Our Menu:

"Our garlic onion bisque, a delicious pairing of red wine, roasted garlic, and caramelized onions, will delight your tastebuds and perfectly prepare you for the main course."

Plat Principal:
"Our tasty steak kabobs are marinated in our handmade sauce and accompanied by peppers, onions, and apples. With a slice of homemade spent grain bread on the side, you are sure to leave the meal happy and satisfied."

Notice the missing bread. When we read the menu, David and I were salivating over the thought of a piece of the homemade spent grain bread. This is a recipe which Ellie had tried last summer when David brewed a batch of beer.  It was one of the best loaves of bread we've ever eaten. We were so excited that she was doing another. However, as happens too often, the bread did not cooperate and was not fit for consumption due to never wanting to finish baking. The good news is that I have more spent grains in the freezer awaiting the next time Ellie is able to be home and try again.

Like all good chefs, when one thing doesn't work, figure out what will. Slices of extra-sharp cheddar cheese and oranges were a delicious compliment to the steak kabobs.

Since we've had quite warm weather for February in the great white north, Nathan was able to get out the Kamado Joe grill and cook our kabobs. Tasty indeed!

"What better way to end your meal than with a heavenly slice of our special Baklava? Our divine mixture of walnuts, pecans, honey, and lemon will have you eager for seconds."

"divine mixture" - yes indeed!

"Eager for seconds" - you betcha!

Even though the meal was a week after Valentine's Day, the meal was still superb. We enjoyed yet another year at our favorite restaurant, whose description is full of truth, "Sous La Maison - fine dining at its best."

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Anonymous said...

Looks like one of the cooks was almost shished, or kabobed, on that chair!