Monday, February 22, 2016

CC Skiing = Love!

We may not get a chance to go again this winter season, but we did get to go. Finding a place to rent cross-country skis at a reasonable price and within a reasonable distance from our home was fantastic. If we have a return to winter weather in March, which has happened in previous years, we might get to go again. For now, enjoy these pictures of the kids and I enjoying the trails.

Even though it was a very chilly day, the sun was out and we worked up a sweat on the trails. All in all, we explored the numerous trails for about an hour. We were all smiles. Unfortunately, neither David nor Hannah were with us. Hannah was enjoying the day with Nick and his family having traveled there the day before, while David was sitting all day in a Board of Directors meeting. Ellie, Nathan, Abby, and Sam all went again on Sunday and Monday. But I didn't, David whisked me away to a romantic getaway, which I'll post about later. This was a perfect beginning to Valentine's Day weekend.


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