Saturday, January 24, 2015


I had intended to write all about our Christmas. And our trip to Camp Luther but now too much time has gone past so I will just sum up.

Christmas at camp.

This, I think, was one of the best, if not the best, weeks at camp. Everything was so much fun. The snow, the cold, the food, the friends, the fun, the fireplace, all of it and more made it very difficult for us to adjust to reality at home.

The first night we arrived we celebrated Christmas with our friends. Lots of eating interspersed with gift opening, conversations, giggles, and hugs. Ralph and Amy gave our family a set of egg cups, spoons, and an egg top cutter.

We love them. It makes having soft boiled eggs such a treat.

We first ate eggs this way in Germany. We've tried to replicate them at home with varying levels of success. But now, these new cups hold the egg perfectly. The cutter makes getting the top off simple, and the spoon slides easily to scoop out the scrumptious egg.

What is left after the meal is an empty shell, and a contented belly.



Susan said...

So THAT's why every time I try to make soft-boiled eggs, I end up with a mess. (I try to do silly things like boil the egg for 3 minutes and then peel it as if it were hard-boiled. Then I have burned fingers. And squashed eggs. And bits of shell in with the egg. And then I don't make soft-boiled eggs again for several years or however long it takes me to forget my previous screw-up.)

Glenda said...

Yes, Susan I always had the same problem! It is so much nicer now. So either keep your eye out for these at a thrift store, or continually drop hints to family that you really would like soft boiled eggs. :-)