Friday, December 19, 2014


When I was a college student I babysat once a week for a family with a little boy. JP was such a cute, good little boy. I simply loved going over there and spending time with him each week. I started my sophomore year and continued till I graduated three years later. This family became a second one for me. They welcomed David when we began dating and were thrilled when we became engaged. We rejoiced with them when their daughter, Ellie, was born. And oh what fun to watch a baby and a toddler! We were delighted when John and Jane said yes to our request to have JP as the ring bearer for our wedding.

All these wonderful memories came flooding back this year when I realized I finally had a place to put these cute Christmas plates.

John and Jane gave them to me one year for Christmas.
I have always loved them.
They are so cute and folksy, cheery and fun.

Can't you see the determination in their faces? We found our Christmas tree, now home to decorate.

Shall we dance my love?

(Please forgive my inability to hold the camera still. One day I'll take non-blurry pictures. But not this day. This day I failed.)

These cute plates have been stashed away all this time in their box of tissue. A few years I have found a place for them, but mostly they've remained in the box tucked inside the storage tote. This year though, they get to come out of hiding and bring joy and smiles.

To the left of my kitchen sink is the stairwell to the basement. This past August I finally painted it for the first time since we've lived in the parsonage. Then I had David hang this shelf so I could put a decorative platter on top.

I was going to hang aprons on the knobs, but the aprons are too long and drag on the floor. But I did hang that lovely linen my children gave me last year for Christmas. And my mom tied jalapeƱo peppers we were gifted on twine and hung them on a couple of other hooks. Once they're dry, I'll crush them and put them in a jar. Then whoever wants to have food so hot their mouth breathes more fire than Smaug can add some to their plate.

But back to my Christmas plates. When we got out our Christmas decorations and began decking the walls and tree, I realized this shelf was the perfect place for displaying these lovely plates.

And now when I'm in the kitchen I see these plates and remember John and Jane, JP and Elizabeth, the weekly babysitting, and smile.


Anonymous said...

I collect plates too, could I trouble you for the manufacturer's name/location (etc.) and the name of the series or type, etc.

I agree they are definitely good looking.

Glenda said...

Thanks anonymous. But since I don't know who you are, I won't give the information you've requested. Merry Christmas