Thursday, December 18, 2014

Picture Perfect?

I took more pictures yesterday than just the ones of the wrapping station.

Our Advent tree is filling up.

Yes it is blurry. Yes I need more practice.
Or I need to not take pictures after two cups of coffee and no breakfast.
Probably both.

A view of the picnic table decorations.

Does the perspective work, or am I just imagining it does?

I do imagine a lot of things.
Like you all patiently waiting for me to take pictures.
Like me being able to do things I used to be able to do.
Like I can sing on tune.
Like I can write creatively and expressively and without grammar mistakes.
Like I like olives.
Seriously, I always think, "Yeah, I like olives," then I eat one and realize, no I really don't.

Now where was I?
Oh yes, on the porch, in my slippers, without a coat, on a cold December morning, trying to take pictures.

One of the two flower boxes. This one is in need of repair. The branches are falling out.

As is the ribbon, which fell all the way to the ground.
And yes I still hadn't had any breakfast, so the coffee was still coursing through my veins which made for another shaky picture. Or else I once again didn't hold still enough.

I didn't want to take the dirt out of the flower boxes so that I could reuse it next spring. That meant waiting for it to thaw some before sticking the branches into it. I must not have pushed them down far enough since they are wanting to fall out. Or it is the wind, which is always blowing, which made them free to fall over.

Yeah, I like that version. We will go with the fault of the wind, because it couldn't be my fault.

When I downloaded my pictures I noticed these three.

These were taken by my youngest daughter, Abby. I think she is developing her older sister's eye for pictures. I'm not sure my middle-aged brain can learn what it needs to be as good as these two daughters. Oh well, I can brag and share their pictures, right?

Speaking of bragging and sharing, Hannah finally posted pictures of our new German smoker and a few other pictures.

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