Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Panic, Work, Enjoy.

Every time a holiday or vacation or some big event is approaching I will have some sort of panic attack. Not health related, except for what the yelling and stress does to my body and the psyches of my children who are usually on the brunt end of the listed actions. Just a panic of time running out and there is still so much to accomplish.

I've learned though over the years that this is coming. That it will happen. That I will despair, get edgy, and be annoyed at those sitting around while there is stuff to be done. In learning this about myself I've also learned that somehow it all gets done. If one thing doesn't, it is okay. If more than one thing doesn't, it is okay. I might have liked to have it differently, but it is still fine.

I've also learned that when I feel the panic coming, I need to make a list. Simply writing everything down that needs to be done and showing myself and the children helps. Because then we start tackling the items one after the other. And generally it all gets done much faster than I anticipate.

The panic subsides as the work begins and progress is seen in checking off the to-do items.

Yesterday was that panic day. I got official word that I am now hosting Christmas dinner for the family (19 people). My sister-in-law was going to host, but on Sunday, she came down with the illness her daughters had. Can you imagine her panic? I could so I said I would take hosting off her plate for her. Yesterday when she wasn't any better she graciously accepted the offer.

My panic began. I wasn't going to clean the house before Christmas. Now we need to. All the baking we've done has made a big mess and we will take care of that. Christmas linens and outfits need to be cleaned and ironed. Meals prepared plus the turkey and ham for Christmas dinner. Not to mention the preparations for vacation time right after Christmas.

Yes, panic happened yesterday. Which meant a big list was written and today, the kids and I are ready to tackle it all. At least I don't have to plan the Christmas menu nor shop for the food. I will just go to my sister-in-laws today and get the food from her. Cooking is the easy part.

Yesterday panic. Today work. Tomorrow enjoy.

Merry Christmas to all!

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Karen Belli said...

Good for you, Glenda!! I am praying right now that as your work and prepare you would also feel blessed with peace at how you are serving and helping. Your post today gave me some ideas for when I start to panic, and you are right, it happens every year. A blessed Christmas to your whole family. Thank you for sharing yourself with others.