Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This, That, and The Other

June and July have been busy months for me and my family.

Ellie came home from England and filled our ears with all she saw and did. She really loved visiting there, especially Jonathan and Rachel and dear sweet Miranda.  We have loved looking at her pictures and hearing her tales.

Hannah's favorite day of the year came the last day of June. Of course she took pictures. I made three pies that day. Ellie made the crusts having learned Rachel's secret ingredient.  WOW!  Fantastic crusts, I will not look back at my old recipe. We shared the pies with family, and the kids complained when they were all gone the next day. Hannah and Abby decided to go to the field on Saturday and picked more so that I could make another two pies.  Oh how fun to spoil the kids with fresh strawberry pie!

July 8-11 found most of our family and about 1195 others on the campus of Concordia University Wisconsin.  Higher Things is awesome and this Crucified conference was the best of the three I've attended.  Hannah says it well.

Now I'm at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.  The CCLE XIV retreat is going on.  I'm learning all sorts of things, old and new, and even attempted to share some wisdom with fellow homeschoolers.

I'll be ready for mom's and the ability to lay in the hammock and read my book.  And nap.  I'm exhausted.  All these conferences that have me going from morning till night have wore me out.  Don't they realize I'm really a lazy bum that sits all day?

August will come soon and then I'll have to feverishly plan and begin our new school year. Oh summer, where hast thou gone?  You've slipped through my fingers once again. Such is the life I'm living now. Full of worship, family, and learning.  I need to be more grateful.