Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Water in all the Wrong Places

Can you guess what happens to a town which sits between two lakes that are joined by a river and also has another creek running through it after copious amounts of rainfall?

Yep, there is flooding.  And it so happens that those who've lived here all their lives say it is the worst in forty odd years.  About five blocks to the west of our home the lagoon is overflowing and filling the road waist high on grown men.  Four streets surrounding the lagoon were evacuated by the Red Cross.  About five or six blocks to the east the road by the bay is covered and several houses and campgrounds are flooded.

Sunday the mayor called for help to fill sandbags and lay them.  Many citizens from our town as well as from other towns and volunteer fire departments heeded the call. David and I went and they said over 10,000 sandbags were filled.  The process of figuring out where to put them continued in earnest.

The forecast has been and continues to be rain every day.  But our dear gracious Lord has kept the rain away from us for the last three to four days.  What help that gives the people fighting the flooding.

God continue to bless the people of our town, give us grace and forgiveness, understanding and sympathy, compassion and knowledge to help one another through this trial.

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