Monday, March 17, 2014

Noise, Blessed Noise

Do you feel this way?

That the noise and chaos of life is precious?  Is a blessing?

Currently David and the boys are playing cribbage at the table with Grandpa.  Ellie is practicing piano right beside me.  Hannah is sitting across from me on her computer editing photos.  Abigail is in the room across the hall checking emails.

I love it.  Blessed family noise.  Yes I complain and want quiet at times.  But in reality, I see those quiet years creeping upon me quicker than even I can imagine.  For now, the counting of cribbage points, the notes played right and wrong on the piano and even the quiet of the two on their computers I treasure.  We're together.  Life is good.  God be praised.

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Troy Aubrey Wetzel said...

I feel the same way! Our family gatherings are so noisy with 11 grandkids and who knows how many dogs, and we're not quiet people to begin with. We do treasure the family time together, but I won't lie; we're all a little relieved to go back home :)