Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hills and Movie Stars

Last week Hannah and Ellie were on spring break from their college classes.  It just so happened that Ramona, who attends a different college, was also on spring break.  It made perfect sense to both families to get together.  They loaded up their truck and moved to Beverly.

Except they didn't.  They loaded up their van and traveled to our home.

We had great fun all week.  A Christmas party, complete with a big turkey dinner with all the fixins', and even cheesecake. Other good food included fish and chips plus treats galore,  Lots of laughter, chatting, a Bourne marathon, visiting another family in the area who are mutual friends, late nights, lazy mornings, worshipping together at church and in the home, all made lots of good memories.

The oldest kids decided to have a tea party one afternoon.  They baked bread and scones and other treats. They donned various clothing to fit their 50's' theme.  They set the table with lovely linens and beautiful china.

Not content to simply have a tea party, they also filmed a silent movie.

Terror at Tea Time from Hannah on Vimeo.

To read more and see lots of pictures, be sure to read Hannah's blog.  She has posted here on our Christmas party, here and here with snapshots, and here with more on the tea party.

Yes, a great week indeed. Although they didn't load up the truck and move to Beverly, they did come to where there are hills, swimming pools (although not quite swimming weather yet) and movie stars.

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