Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Bride tempted by Beer, Brats and Below Zero

A long, cold winter makes one decide to do crazy things.  As an example listen to the post dinner (that's lunch in some of your lingo) conversation at our table.

David who is scrolling through his Facebook feed says, "Today is Bock Fest at Schell's.  I bet it is cold.  Now, they are taunting me, it says, 'Today will determine the real festers from the fake festers.'  I want to be a real fester."

The kids with smiles on their faces are all amused as I reply, "If you want to go, I'll go with you."

David, "Really?  You'd go?  Should we?  What do you think?  It will be cold."

The kids, "Yeah, you should go."

Me, "I'll go if you want."

David, "Okay, are you ready to get cold?  It will be real cold."

Me, "Yep, I'll go."

Then he and I proceeded to put on multiple layers and headed on over to join the rest of the crazy people who could no longer stand being inside the house, and instead wanted to stand outside in negative temperatures drinking delicious Schell's brewed Bock Beer.

We bought our tickets and promptly got in line to get some bock beer.  We then walked around the Schell's Brewery grounds to see what everyone was doing.

Since we didn't arrive until quite late in the day, we don't know what the crowds were like earlier.  But we were surprised with how many were there and one of the event workers told us it was a good crowd for the cold day, but about a thousand less than a normal year.

Everyone was dressed as warm as could be.  But that didn't stop some from wearing tutus on top of their snow pants as well as various animal fur hats on their heads. Around the grounds there were fire pits that people would gather around.  Not only did it help keep us warm but also one's beer!

It was so cold that your beer would frost all along the edges.

Many festers weren't content to just drink out of the plastic cups, but instead had brought with them giant insulated mugs that would hold three or four or more of the glasses of beer.  That meant their beer would get quite icy as they stood around outside drinking.  But never fear, in all of the fire pits, there were hot pokers.  A staff worker would take one and gently put it in your cup to break up the ice if you desired.

Here is the place where event attendees would walk below towards the Beer, Brats, and Bonfire Below.  But also the place where if you so desired could then look throughout the Schell's grounds for cardboard bocks to win prizes.  We didn't care to do that, but did walk down to see the bonfire. Down below wasn't the only place to buy food.  Other spots had brats and sauerkraut and pretzels for purchase.

Yes, a long,  bitter cold winter that seems to never end causes craziness.  For us, that meant deciding at the last minute to bundle up and head outside to enjoy good bock beer around a bonfire with fellow stir-crazed citizens.


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Barb the Evil Genius said...

That looks like fun, except that I don't like beer, or brats. Heresy, I know.