Thursday, March 13, 2014

Breakfast and Books

I snapped this picture one morning.  It shows a typical morning in our home.

At one end of the table, David and Hannah are working on Greek while at the other end Nathan and Sam are eating breakfast reading a comic book.  Abby, who has already eaten, is working through her Bible History assignment for the day.  Although not a morning person, Ellie is trying hard to greet the morning and prepare for another day.

Where am I?  Well, I'm taking the picture of course.  Also I have cooked eggs and sausage for those who wanted them, usually David, Hannah, and I.  Plus, I had eaten while checking blogs and emails and Facebook.  On this particular morning, Sam needed a place to sit as the Greek books encroached upon his normal table place so I got up to give him my spot.

Not a scene replayed every day, but definitely most mornings.  Breakfast and books are the combination that generally starts the day.

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