Thursday, February 27, 2014


Long hair has its benefits.  It was easy to throw it up in a pony-tail, or a bun, or pin the curls into a messy up-do.  Long hair also has its negatives.  It takes forever to dry.  It would get pulled as I slept, or sat in a chair.  For me, with this thick head of curls, it also could get hot, and even feel very heavy.

Having not had a cut or color since last spring, I finally made an appointment with my stylist.  I found her about three years ago and love her.  Tiffany knows curly hair and gives me a Deva cut.  I cannot believe how much nicer my curls respond after this type of cut, better than I ever imagined.

Plus, Tiffany is so good, I can tell her what I like, don't like, and the sit in the chair relaxing while she works.  So that is what I did yesterday.

I walked in the salon with my hair looking like this:

I explained to Tiffany what my hair care routine is and how I end up wearing it in a bun for most of the week.  Then I sat back in the chair, let her color and cut away.

I just love what she did:

Even though winter is still here (yesterday we were in another blizzard warning and the low last night was -19), this new cut put a spring in my step.

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