Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Our family likes to play games.  Not all the time.  Not everybody, every game.  Sometimes it is only one or two each and every time.  But we do like to play games.  Party games, board games, thinking games, card games, and every other kind of game.  Like most game-playing people, we have our favorites.  Strategy type games is one of those. This year we got two new strategy games.

Hannah has wanted Smallworld ever since we played it with our friends, Andrew and Mindy.  She finally decided it was worth parting with her hard-earned money and brought it home for us to play New Year's Eve.

It is fun and the whole family played.  Smallworld is a game of races who conquer lands and then go into decline.  Each race has a special power that allows them to conquer certain lands more easily or get more points or some such ability.  There are 8 rounds for players to utilize their race(s) to earn the most points conquering lands and other races.  The player with the most money/points at the end of the 8th round wins.

On Christmas Day, my niece brought their new game, 7 Wonders.  She, Hannah, Sam, and I all played it and really enjoyed it.  We decided to use a gift card to purchase the game for our family.

This card based game can be played with 3-7 players.  Each player randomly chooses one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. There are three "ages," rounds, in which to earn victory points.  This is an easy game to learn, but several played games will ensure you have a better understanding of which strategy to undertake to win the most points.

Another game our niece and nephew brought on Christmas Day is Wits and Wagers.

This fun game is on our list to bring home from the store.  Each player has thirty seconds to write down their answer (always a number) to a question on a dry erase board.  Answers are then placed on the board lowest to highest.  Players then have another thirty seconds to place wagers on which answer they think is closest without going over.  A game lasts for seven questions and the winner is the one with the most chips.  Fast paced and fun, this makes for a great party game.

Next time you come visit, let me know which game you would like to play with us!


Susan said...

Matt & Rachel gave us Wits & Wagers for Christmas. It looks like a blast!

There's one thing I noticed about it, though. It seems like it's a game that you can place once through, and then you can't repeat it but have to buy an expansion pack. And that made me wonder if I expect too much of games? Sometimes we have a great time playing a game 2 or 3 or 4 times, and then don't continue playing it. And it makes me feel wasteful. But really, it's cheaper than going to a movie, right?

Glenda said...

Yes it is cheaper than going to a movie.

I do not know first hand how many questions there are in the original box.

I wonder, too, if you had the time and inclination, you could make up your own questions. All the answers are to be numbers so that helps determine the types of questions. Besides the effort of doing the work, the person who complied the questions wouldn't be able to play, so that is another negative. Maybe it makes it worth buying the expansion pack?

Susan said...

It says "100 questions card (even for 100 games)."

I would like to play the game this weekend when Paul and Mandy come visit. I hate to give it a try when there are only a few of us, so as not to "use it up" too soon.

I do like the idea of making our own questions. I suppose I could set a kid to doing that, and give the list of questions to friends who have the game. Sounds like a good school project, eh?