Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Eating Means Food Preparation

Anyone who knows me and my family and has visited here knows this; we like to eat.  Meals, three times per day, plus snacks.  No wonder we enjoy Tolkien so much, we relate to Hobbits quite well.

All this love of food means I cook, a lot.  Every day I cook multiple meals.  The kids keep growing as do their stomachs, which means we rarely have leftovers. Therefore I cook every day, multiple meals.  Yes, even breakfast.  Not always did I fix hot breakfasts with such regularity, but now, every morning there is some sort of meat and eggs being cooked to break our fast.

Dinner and Supper are the same - some sort of meat and side dishes of vegetables prepared for the hungry bellies of this family.  Yes, both the noon meal and evening meal I'm cooking.  Since my husband works next door, he comes home to eat with us.  Since we like food, the meals are almost always hot.

Oh don't misunderstand, there are times where we have accumulated enough left overs that it is "pick your own" night and my job is simply to heat the food.  And there are also nights where all they get is sliced sausages and cheeses, vegetables and fruit.  But mostly, you'll find me in the kitchen preparing the next meal.

Honestly, I like doing it.  Sure, I've been known to say, "I don't want to cook," a time or two or three.  There is though, one food I really do not like preparing.

Oh grapefruit, how I hate your individual sections that need cut.  The tediousness of going along each seam.  Making sure to cut on both sides, otherwise you fight the spoon and then the eater and anyone in the near vicinity gets a juice bath.

Oh grapefruit, your tartness affirms how you mock me.  You know my dislike for you.  Yet you have enamored several of my children, who long for the winter because it means you are in season and they can enjoy you.

Oh grapefruit, long has my husband loved you and your juice.  Who, along with the aforementioned children would happily eat you everyday.

Oh grapefruit, because I love my husband and kids, I buy you all season.  I even cut all those sections for the kids who ask, even for my husband.  But I do not enjoy it.  You are one of the foods, in all that I prepare, that really annoy me.


Ewe said...

I slice the grapefruit in half and then serve with grapefruit spoons. My youngest doesn't like it and my middle needs help but they are both younger than your youngest. Why can't you just serve it with grapefruit spoons and everyone gets their own out?

Anonymous said...

Susan said...

Ewe beat me to it. GRAPEFRUIT SPOONS. I too detest cutting grapefruit. But with the right grapefruit spoons (I like the really pointy ones with the serrations) you can get by without any cutting, or by just running a knife around the outside of the sections (not even stopping for section-dividers).

Glenda said...

Ewe - we don't own grapefruit spoons. The people who eat the grapefruit just use our iced tea spoons. But maybe since you and Susan both suggested it, maybe purchasing some would be a good thing!

And thanks for the link Anonymous! But even though that looked cool, I'd rather buy the grapefruit spoons and let them dig it out themselves. ;-)