Monday, December 30, 2013


Starting with Thursday December 19th, we became busy bees.  We decorated the house and porch.  We began baking cookies, decorating them, preparing other yummy goodies for snacking and Christmas dinner.  We even took a day and went shopping, then added wrapping gifts to our to-do list.

By Christmas Eve we were all done.  It was a lovely evening and Hannah captured it well in pictures and a poem.

Christmas Day after Divine Service, we had part of David's family here.  Good food, good conversation, and good games made for a good day.

Since then, the youngest three have played with friends at their homes and ours.  We've watched various movies and tv shows, read books, listened to lots of music and have had an overall general joy of doing whatever.

This week the weather turned colder, although not nearly as cold as was predicted, and all day today the snow fell.  I'm still working on our Christmas cards and I predict they should be in the mail by the 8th day of Christmas.  We plan to spend this week lazily as well.  More tv shows, books, and movies, with even a possibility of seeing Frozen in the theater New Year's Day.

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