Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Middle-Aged Mind

I still cannot figure out why I have such trouble posting to my blog anymore.

I had once thought that it was because I did not have anything to post.  But that is not entirely true.  I have an 18th birthday tea party I could write about, or the day I spent with many homeschooling friends, or the progress on our schooling.

I had once thought that it was because I did not have my pictures downloaded to share.  That is a problem, but I have not taken that many pictures lately that I could even download.

I had once thought it was because I am trying to focus more on the youngest three and their studies.  That is true to a point.  We are far enough along in our year that they are working more independently, and asking me questions as needed.  I have time I could be writing while they are working, like right now.  One is practicing piano, while two are working on math next to me, while I type.  I answer questions as they ask.

So what is it?  What is keeping me from posting on a regular basis?

I think it is middle-aged mind.  My brain anymore cannot switch from one thing to another or multi-task like it once did.  I am going to have to make more lists for myself to keep on task, adding "blog" on a bit more regular basis.  And I probably should include a space for "blogpost ideas" so when it is time to blog, my mind does not draw a blank.  Maybe that will help this brain to think clearly for awhile longer. Then again, it might not.

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