Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Thinking and Pondering on Siblings

I used to wonder how people who grew up in the same house could be so different.  But I have five offspring of my own and it is quite clear to me now how this can be.

They are different individuals with their own likes, dislikes, tastes, and distastes.

Yes they have the same parents, but those parents aren't the same parents to each child.  They are different to their first child then their last child.  They are different to the child who is more responsible by nature than to the one who needs more supervision.  To the auditory- learning child, they tell them how to clean the toilet, while having the visual learner watch them clean it the first time in order to learn.  They are more cautious and worry more over little things with the first, but generally not as cautious as much with the last.  Worry stays, but changes with the child.

The house is different too, even if the family never moved.  More children often mean moving and rearranging to make the best use of rooms.  Or it just means there is more stuff and time management becomes an issue.  The neighborhood isn't the same either.  One child might not have any neighborhood kids his age while a younger sibling seems to be invited over all the time.

And the siblings.  The oldest never experiences having an older sibling and all the joys and pains there-in.  While the youngest never experiences having a younger sibling to teach, pester, and love.

Why, with all this, did I not understand how people who grow up in the same house can be so different?  Probably because I just never thought about it too closely.  But parenthood makes one think about a lot of things.  This just happens to be one I've been thinking and pondering lately.

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