Friday, September 06, 2013


In the last week or more I have become aware of the silence.  No, not from my children, although they are old enough now to understand Mom's need for quiet sometimes and therefore tone down their "conversations" or take them outside.  That is, once I get their attention and remind them to do just that.

No, the silence is early in the morning when I awake.  There are no birds singing to me anymore.  It made me sad.  Although fall is my favorite season, I realized that morning when the migrated birds no longer were singing their wake-up calls, that I do not like that part of fall.

Our goldfinches still visit, but they are year-round visitors.  We will enjoy watching them change from their bright summer colors to their more muted ones of fall and winter.  We also still see hummingbirds come and feed.  I keep wondering when they will head south for their winter retreat.  I'm glad they are filling their tummies from our nectar.  It is fun to watch them flitter and fight with one another.

Well, for a time, morning silence.  Then in the spring once again I'll enjoy the songs and chatter of my returned feathered friends.  It reminds me of our liturgy where we bury the Alleluia for a time till it bursts forth in glorious splendor on Easter Sunday where we cannot sing or say it enough.

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