Friday, August 16, 2013

Latin Makes All Things Epic

This time of year is filled with back to school sales, preparations, cryings, and rejoicings.  Many times I stumble across themes that teachers or schools cut out and display boldly and prominently on their bulletin boards, in their hallways, or rooms.

Homeschoolers, of which I am a part, don't necessarily do this, even though we participate in the back to school sales, preparations, cryings, and rejoicings.  But last year, I did come up with a theme for our year.  I failed in the art display since I didn't display it at all anywhere, but I did repeat it over and over again to the family.

"Listen to Learn and Learn to Listen"

Not bad eh?  It was a favorite saying of my dad's. Since he has been enjoying his heavenly rest for thirteen years, he hasn't been able to pass it along to his dear grandchildren.  But I remembered it and knew how much his grandchildren needed to be reminded of it daily.

And like most brick and mortar schools the theme worked well for awhile.

But it is a new year!  New preparations!  New Mottos!

Because the members of this family have a tendency to put off till later any job, my one-word theme came to mind on more than one occasion.  I thought it was a brilliant theme for our year.  I shared it with the family the other night.


Hannah commented it should be in Latin, Dad concurred and uttered, "Nunc."  Ellie then repeated the Latin phrase learned her very first year of Latin in Prima Latina, "Nunc aut Numquam."  We all realized that my one word theme, which was brilliant, is now epic thanks to Latin.  I might even cut-it out and display it prominently in several rooms.  But most assuredly I will loudly repeat it each time a child responds, "I'll do it later."

"Nunc aut Numquam"


Hannah said...

I couldn't agree with the title more, Latin DOES make all things epic, however I would like to draw to your attention that it was not Ellie who uttered the brilliant phrase of Nunc aut Numquam but I. I deserve full credit, you know :)

Susan said...

And I'm going to point out that THIS motto kinda sorta offers a choice. Personally, I'd stick with "Now!" so that my kids didn't say, "Okay, then. 'Never' works for me."

Katie said...

So, Glenda, WHEN will you be posting this epic phrase in all of your rooms? ;) ;)

--Love this post!

Glenda said...

Hannah - mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

Susan - Good point!

Katie - I'll be sure to tell you when I do!