Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Summer - Watch Out For Dominoes

Last summer was great.  It was hot, and practically every day I took the kids to the pool.  They swam, I read.

This summer is quite different.  It hasn't been nearly as hot, I've yet to go to the pool with the kids (they are quite thankful their Aunt and cousins take them), and last week was the first time I picked up a book to read.

Why the big change?  Because this is the "Summer of Getting Things Done."  All those projects that have piled up are being tackled.  And like dominoes, lead to another falling onto the list.

David is busily building shelves for our garage.  Over halfway done, we have found plenty to fill what is already built, and more that needs to go on the new ones which hopefully will be completed tomorrow.

You might wonder where all these things were before the garage shelves were built? Some on the floor of the garage of course, but some in the storage room of our basement.  That room was the first to fall of our domino-line of projects.  David needed more room for brewing supplies, and the storage room was the perfect place.  I'm completely happy to encourage this tasty hobby, so make room we did.

The things to fill the new shelves are coming from the "toy room."  They are the toys the kids no longer play with, but can't bear to sell or give away.  They are content to store them in the garage, just in case the Duplo Legos or Lincoln Logs or Thomas the Tank Engine call their names.

The toy room will be converted to the new bedroom for the boys.  The boys' current room will be given a fresh look as Abby's room, and Ellie will finally have her own room which she has dreamed about ever since Hannah got hers.

Not only do we need to move some of their old toys to the garage we needed to come up with places for the toys they still play with - all the games, all the PlayMobil.  We looked around and came up with a plan that involved new Ikea bookshelves for the school room, reusing the old school room shelf as a game shelf, and a new Ikea cabinet for PlayMobil.

See how the dominoes fall?

I also wanted to paint the porch and my china hutch this summer.  But amidst all the dominoes, David and I left for a few days in June to attend the CCA Symposia.  We missed the last two conferences and this year chose to not bring the kids.  It was wonderful to go back, listen to good theology, attend two beautiful Divine Services which fed us with Christ's Word, body, and blood, and to eat at the best custard shop anywhere - Kopp's.  After getting home from Wisconsin, I did go buy the paint and was able to paint the porch.  The china hutch is still waiting its turn.

This week started with Strawberry Day and our friends arriving in the evening.  They will leave Friday morning to continue their vacation.  Next week is Higher Things - Hannah, Ellie, and I get to go.  The week after that is the CCLE conference which I attend by myself.  While I'm off attending conferences, David and the kids will be keeping my mom company.

After all that, we will still have plenty of projects to finish and hopefully not too many more dominoes will fall onto the list.  Because if they do, this will go from the "Summer of Getting Things Done" to the "Fall of Getting Things Done."  Although that has a better ring to it if I'm referencing dominoes.

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