Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Update

The boys room is nearly complete.  A few shelves to put up which will then provide a place for the remaining detritus littering the old bedroom.

My dining room hutch is painted and awaits a coat of wax.  I should be able to get to that today.

Shelves in the garage are complete and look great!

Once the boys' old room is empty, it will need a thorough cleaning from top to bottom.  Ideally we would like to paint it the color Abby chooses before we move in her bed and dresser.  It sounds reasonable, don't know if it is doable.

Once Abby's room is complete and she's moved in, Ellie's room will need a makeover - clean, paint, organize.

I'm still hoping this can all get done before classes begin at the end of August for Hannah and Ellie.  I'm looking forward to having time once again for reading.  At the moment, I currently have no brain power to follow a story.  I simply allow my brain to petrify as I check Face Book, emails, blogs, and play Solitaire.

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agnusdei1996 said...

Patiently waiting for pictures. . . :)