Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Surprise

On June 14th, we watched as Hannah and Ellie boarded the MegaBus and headed to Chicago.  They planned a surprise visit to their best friends, Ramona and Lydia.  The reason?  Ramona's 18th birthday.

We were told they were completely surprised and many squeals of laughter filled the moment and the few days Hannah and Ellie could stay.

Hannah, never without her camera, took enough pictures to capture practically every moment.  Which is great fun for us who didn't get to go.  You can see them, if you haven't already,  here and here.

And these four girls are setting quite the precedent.  Here is another music video they did while together.  I think it is my new favorite.

22 from Hannah on Vimeo.

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Ewe said...

Masterpiece is my favorite! Love the CUW t-shirt too.