Saturday, June 15, 2013

Learn From Experience

I get a lot of questions about homeschooling.  Many are looking for how it is done, what it looks like in my home, trying to quell the never-ending fear that arises when a parent adds the responsibility of educating their own offspring.

Today I've realized the best piece of advice I should be giving is simple.

Build floor to ceiling and wall to wall bookshelves.

Yes, you read that right.  Pick a room and a wall or two, measure, and then either shop at Ikea or, if your the handy type, the lumber store.

Doing anything less and you'll only regret it* as the years progress and the books pile higher.  At which time, you'll pick a room, measure a wall or two and head to Ikea.

Sure your shelves may start out looking like there is plenty of room. . . 

But before you know it, they'll look like this and you'll wonder which other wall would be good for more shelves

*Speaking from experience and a room full of piles until the new shelves are able to be put it into place.

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