Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'll Never Understand

Why do people wash the plastic plates and cups?

Wasn't the purpose of buying those things to make clean-up involve not washing?

Red Solo cup, I love you because I don't have to wash you.


Rebekah said...

:D I know! But I just can't help it!

The dumbest.

Anonymous said...

My mom loved to "conveniently" place permanent markers about the buffet area so that we could mark our red cups. Oh how I was tempted to do just that last weekend at son's graduation party. I literally felt my sainted mother pushing me to do the same. I absolutely cannot throw away a plastic plate or bowl without feeling my mother's "that can be washed" glance.

Glenda said...

Rebekah - if I'm ever at anyone's house and they wash the plastic cups, I gladly do it. However, anyone at my house can joyfully toss them in the circular file.

Anon - yes the permanent marker is a frequent companion to the plastic cup. It is found quite often at graduation parties and family gatherings. I understand completely why. And I am quite alright with its use. But at the end of the day - those plastic glasses are hitting the trash can. :-)