Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Snow - Mountains - Memories

Today is May 1st.

It is snowing.

There is a white layer of thick white flakes on most things with patches of green grass showing here and there.  Although those green patches are disappearing along with the afternoon.

After my husband and I moaned and complained, I said, "I've never experienced snow in May before."

Then immediately I had to take it back.

I have experienced snow in May.  Just one year ago.


In Reutte, Austria.

Surrounded by the Alps and medieval castles.

I didn't complain that day.  Just oohed and awed over how beautiful it all was.

Today's snow is bringing back wonderful memories of the mountains.

And it is pretty outside my window.

But I would rather be experiencing snow in the Alps in May and not at home.


Nate said...

I miss Germany!! :)

Nate said...

I miss Germany!