Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Still Remember

I am remembering the best Mother's Day ever.   I've had other very nice Mother's Days.  But the one I had in 2012 will be tough to dethrone as the best.

Mother's Day 2012 began in Munich, Germany as we awoke, checked out of our hostel, and drove to Pfarramt Trinitatisgemeinde, a congregation of the Selbstandige Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche (the German sister church of the LCMS) for church.  After the service, we drove to Salzburg, Austria and toured the Mozart sights.  Late that afternoon, we climbed into our VW Caravelle and settled in for the several hour drive to Reutte, Austria.

Already a wonderful, memorable, fun day, one that would be hard to top, but it was that evening that the award for "Best Mother's Day Ever" was achieved.  You can reread it here.  I'll wait.

(twiddles thumbs)

(answers the telephone)

(stares out the window as the wind whips the newly budding trees in all directions)

(answers a child's question)

Are you finished already?

Okay then, I can share with you pictures.

Yes I had said that I hadn't taken any pictures that day of that wonderfully delicious meal.  But we did go back to that restaurant on our last night in Reutte.  Not only did we take all the kids that time but also the camera.

The half-liter of milk that made Sam so happy
The most delicious steak with herbed butter and a big salad that made me so happy.
Side of garlic bread with the same herbed butter.

My Mother's Day heart given to me by my waitress on Mother's Day 2012.  Every time I see it I remember what a delightful day it was.

I kept telling the kids that what I wanted for this year's Mother's Day is to go back to this restaurant.

But no such luck.

Maybe next year? !

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