Thursday, April 11, 2013


I just placed the order for our APT tickets this sumer.

What?  You don't know of APT?  You've never been?

Well, get thee over to their website.  (click on these words)

It is truly an amazing experience and a wonderful time.  I had friends (her and her, just to name two) who told me about it over and over and over.  I saw their blogposts, heard their acclamations, and ignored them.  Until two years ago.  David and I took Hannah and Ellie to see The Taming of the Shrew (my favorite Shakespeare play).  It was all they had said and more.

We decided to go back every year.  And then promptly failed that oath by not going last year.

But it is a new year!  New plays! And we are going!  Yippee!  This time, though, we are not taking Hannah and Ellie, but our good friends Andrew and Mindy.  Andrew, an English teacher,  has a favorite Shakespeare play.  Guess which one.

Yes,  you guessed right!  It is Hamlet.  Since he and Mindy have never been to APT but have heard us talk about it, we thought it would be great fun to go with them to see Hamlet "Up-the-Hill." And to make it even more interesting we are all going to Hamlet in a couple of weeks as presented by Bethany Lutheran College.  What fun it will be to see it twice!

If you hurry you can get a discount on your tickets if you order before April 12th.  Do not delay!  You won't be disappointed!

If you are, just blame me, I'm okay with that.


Ellie said...

Ehem... 'We aren't taking Hannah and Ellie'.... WHAT?!?! WHAT?!? I do not approve. At all.

and I thought this was going to be our tradition. humph, and a double humph.

Susan said...

I understand Ellie's pain. I hate the thought of missing plays!

So any chance your trip will be a Sunday in September? (Just wondering if we'll see you there. It's always such a blast to run into people you know there!)

Laura said...

I just ordered our tickets! But we are going July 10th and seeing "Too many husbands" I think. We are thinking of going another day...but I have a feeling that will be a comedy as well. I almost started crying when I was taking to the person in the box office.

Glenda said...

Because their Dad is so wonderful, he said to order tickets for Hannah and Ellie too.

No more "humphing" Miss Ellie! ;-)

Susan, and Laura, we are going on a Thursday in July. Too bad, we won't bump into either of you. But don't worry, we'll see each other at CCA!