Thursday, March 21, 2013

Learning What Motivation Does Not Work

I have read and heard and have been told that a good way to help one lose weight is to write down everything you eat.  That way one sees what is on the paper and is willing to cut back.  Or maybe one will even think twice about saying yes to another helping, or that candy, or birthday dessert because then it would have to be written down.

That might work for some, but not for me.  I just finished keeping a journal of everything I ate for three weeks.  That didn't change one thing in the way I think about food.  Nor what went into my mouth. I wasn't afraid to write down that I ate a candy bar, or a snack in the morning and in the afternoon.  It didn't change my motivation to eat or not to eat.  I found that very interesting.

I know that not every tip works for every body, but I never realized that this was such a failure in my world.  I would have never guessed that about me.  I had always been under the assumption that it would work for motivation, but nope it doesn't.

Interesting what one learns about one's self when time is spent actually looking and not spent in thinking.


Kristi said...

Wouldn't work for me either! I enjoy what I eat too much, so would eat it and happily write it down!

Melody said...

What works for me is not so much the writing down, but comparing the foods eaten to what happened with my weight that week. I THINK I'm doing well, for the most part, but then I see...fewer veggies, more chocolate...weight gain. Hmm...