Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sous la Maison

Our Valentine's Day tradition continued this year.  Reservations weren't available for Valentine's Day but were for Friday, February 15th.  Apparently one of the chief staff members had to work around her paying job's schedule.

We dined by candlelight and Christmas tree lights. . .

 while in the background this soundtrack played.

First our salad (all descriptions from the menu)

Our garden salad features carrots, radishes, red onions, almonds, celery, peppers, cheese, eggs, and a dressing of your choice.

Next our Plat Principal
Our delicious sirloin steak is wrapped in bacon and seasoned with garlic and herb butter.  Its taste is wonderfully countered with roasted cauliflower and fried green beans and onions.

Finally dessert.
The delightful color and taste of our Macaroons are a favourite at British High Tea and we're sure they'll be a favourite with you as well.  Choose an almond or a lemon flavoured one, or try one of both!
Our homemade Gelato is a taste of Italy, and it's sure to delight.  Choose from a variety of flavours, including zitrone, erdbeere, himbeere, shokolade, and heidelbeere.

It all was so delicious and once again the staff amazed us with their culinary skills.  Macaroons?  Gelato?  Bacon wrapped Sirloin?!!!!  How could we not be amazed?

The staff who did such an excellent job.

Letting off a little steam after cooking and serving another wonderful dinner to their parents.

To keep it real, what the kitchen looked like at the end of the evening.

And yes, they did clean it, all except my china which I said I would wash for them.


Laura said...

Okay, I got excited when I realized you were going back to the place you have visited so many times! The staff is aging quite nicely and I love their selections for you! Brought a smile to my face! Happy belated Valentine's Day to you all!

Jane said...

Awesome. :)

T. said...

a lovely gift. hard not to be jealous!