Friday, November 16, 2012


Our youngest child turned 10.

Sunday, November 11th.

The same day as his sister's orchestra concert.

His birthday then was spent first at church and Sunday School in the morning, a concert in the afternoon, and finally, the birthday supper.  Thankfully his Aunt Michele was willing to host at her house and fix the birthday supper.  Thankfully Uncle Matt, whose shares the same birthday doesn't mind his nephew picking the meal.

His requests:
Breakfast - donuts
Lunch - Overnight French toast (I added sausage links and fried eggs)
Supper - Corn dogs, baked beans, Cheetos (Aunt Michele also made some yummy chicken and had salad for us adults who needed something a bit more substantial in the protein department)

Cake and ice-cream:
Hannah and Abby decorated it after Sam requested "something Hobbit related."

His gifts:

From his siblings:
Glow in the dark plants and a new pump for his fish tank

From his parents:
A new game - he likes to beat me at it!

He wanted a body pillow ever since his sister Abby received hers

From his Grandma and Grandpa:
The Siamese cats that used to sit on a shelf in the Farmhouse dining room.  A year ago when they moved, Grandpa and Grandma asked all the grandkids what item each would like to have as a keepsake.  Sam picked these.  Grandma was delighted that he remembered when he opened his gift.

Whenever a grandchild turns 10, Grandpa and Grandma give them a keepsake bird.  All the boys receive a cardinal and all the girls a bluebird.

Happy Birthday Samuel!

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