Monday, October 29, 2012

Pajama Art

Where do you keep your pajamas that you took off this morning to dress in clothes for the day's activities?

On a hook in the bathroom?

On a hook in the bedroom?

In a heap on the floor?

Under your pillow?

While in Reutte, Austria we stayed in this hostel.  Our five children shared one room which had six bunk-beds and was on the other end of the hostel from our room.  That may sound scary, but it wasn't.  We were some of the only guests in the place during our four day stay and it felt more like a grand adventure and we were guests in a castle surrounded by mountains.

Each day after we came back from our wanderings in the Alps and around the small towns, we would find that the wonderful, hospitable staff had made our beds.  What they did with the children's pajamas was such a fun, neat idea, which we all enjoyed.

Isn't that simply darling?  Much better than on a hook, or in a heap, or under a pillow.

Not that there's anything wrong with that (thanks Seinfeld).

Not that it has been repeated in this house. That would mean I would take over making their beds, and there is something wrong with that!

Simply darling none the less.  Not to mention a great memory.


organistsandra said...

Sweet! And of course I love the pillow and comforter too, because it reminds me of Germany.

Glenda said...

Yes, Sandy, me too!