Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cleaning and Dreaming

As I was cleaning my house yesterday I began dreaming about "the house," that perfect  house in the imagination, where everything is just right.  Here are some things that would be in mine:

  • Hard wood floors and tile throughout with cozy rugs by the beds and in front of the couches.
  • A master bedroom with enough room for a love seat - perfect for putting on shoes in the morning, and reading or watching tv in the evening
  • A master bedroom with a master bathroom
  • Bathrooms where the toilet is not right next to the wall - it is so hard to clean that way!
  • A window filled laundry room/mud room with lots of hooks storage cubbies and a big laundry room sink.
  • The kitchen sink would be the old-fashioned farm sink - I just love those.
Yes, dreaming of "the house" is fun.  Because we all know that "the house" would have no problems, everything would always be in its place and there would be a place for everything.

And now I'll go clean up that spill.  And fold those clothes.  And put away those papers and games.  And start the dishes. And. . .

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