Sunday, September 23, 2012

You Want Me to Get Up WHEN?

Sunday morning routine at camp:

Awake around 6am, breakfast, dress, finish the packing, load the van, sweep out the cabins, and take the final pictures:
In Birth Order Youngest to Oldest: Joseph, Luther, Sam, Anna, Abby, Nathan, Lydia, Ellie, Hannah, Ramona

All grouped so we can see them easier

Good friends

With our godson, Joseph, and Spiderman

Then at 8am, we load our vans with five kids each (not necessarily our own offspring) and drive about 45minutes south to church.  Our first few years at camp, illness, a funeral, and an ordination anniversary kept us choosing a different church, usually not together.  This, though, was our third year attending the same church;  "The Little Log Church" or Our Savior's Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Since we come about the same time every year, the pastor and the people recognize us and once more warmly welcome us.  How nice it is to meet more Christians this side of heaven.

After service, we once again load the vehicles with five kids each (not necessarily our own offspring) and drive south about an hour until we reach:

We wait for a table for fourteen to open, before descending upon it and overwhelming our waiter with our orders.  Emma Krumbees has not disappointed us with their food and we all love the delicious milkshakes they offer (raspberry is my choice - yum!).  Finally after everyone is finished, bathroom stops made, we say our final goodbyes, load the right kids into the right vans and head for home.

As much as I hate getting up at 6am on the last day of vacation, I wouldn't trade this tradition we've developed for sleeping in later.  It is a nice way to end our time away with our friends.


Bikermom said...

Sounds very awesome Glenda. Wonderful tradition!

Rebekah said...

:) Makes me happy to see you.

T. said...

What camp is this that you go to? It looks like a great family place.

Glenda said...

Camp Luther in WI. Yes, it is a great family place.