Saturday, September 22, 2012

5 Things

1.  Hannah started classes at Bethany.  So far, they have not been overly challenging.  What is challenging is leaving each day around 10:30 and not coming home until about 3:00.  Unless she has to work that evening and then she is gone most of the evening as well.  The weekends usually find her gone, working either the noon shift or the evening shift at The Pizza Ranch.  Besides the challenge of being gone seemingly all the time, I guess the other challenge for her is learning to balance her leisure time to include practice for the piano, organ, violin, and any assignments.  It is weird to not have her around the lunch table and sometimes the supper table.

2. Ellie started classes Wittenberg Academy.  So far, they have been challenging.  It probably didn't help that the first week of classes she was still working at the campground, had a music lesson, and an audition, and the second week of classes we were on vacation.  Despite all those hurdles, I'm impressed with how she is dutifully working to stay on top of the assignments.  Math has not been an easy subject, but she is persevering, asking good questions (of her teacher, of her father, and of her sister), and I think, even might be enjoying Algebra II.  She is enjoying Paideia and Logic, and often shares with us what she is reading and discussing. The audition she had was for a youth symphony orchestra.  It was successful, so now she has that practice three hours every Saturday.  One concert will be in November, and a second one will be performed in March.

3. Nathan, Abby, and Sam are getting more of my attention for their education since their two oldest sisters need less of it with their schoolwork.  We are figuring out how best to schedule the days, but they are starting to take shape as knowledge of which days there will music lessons. Nathan started catechesis, Abby started violin lessons, and Sam has really become a good reader.

4. David generously bought paint for our bedroom for my birthday present.  We've lived here nine and a half years and we're finally getting around to selecting paint.  I've chosen Dried Basil for the walls and Simply Sage for the ceiling and trim.  With our cherry bedroom set, white bedding and curtains, I hope it looks as nice as I'm imagining.  Pictures will be shared once we finally complete the work (we have yet to start).

5.  Speaking of paint, last week while vacationing up north, I asked my friend Amy if she thought my dining room hutch would look good painted.  She immediately said yes and told me what paint I should use.   I decided my choices of color would be confined to the three in the material covering my window-seat cushion Amy made for me four years ago.  This week, I've spent time browsing Annie Sloan's website and picked this color. Eventually the hutch will be painted and new black hardware, I'll have new black dining room chairs (our current ones are starting to break, one by one) similar to these, and a fall-color-red tablecloth.  These are long-term plans, and I have no idea when they'll be completed, but to have a plan makes me happy!


Elephantschild said...

I think I may have just commented on a four year old post. Whoops!


Glad your olders are doing well. You do not look old enough to have a child at Bethany...

Glenda said...

I suppose I should go check on the commenting on old posts! Btw, thanks for the love of the window seat. It is a favorite here too. The only problem? We can't use it during the winter. The bench isn't insulated, so leaving the cushion on allows frost to form between it and the bench. A frustrating thing for sure.

Thanks. And in my defense, she is technically to young to be at Bethany. But due to the dual enrollment option, she's finishing up high school work and beginning college work at the same time. :-)