Thursday, May 03, 2012

It Starts With a "W"

Have you seen the movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?"  No, then you should go watch it, I think it is a very funny movie.  I would wait to finish my post till after you were done watching, but that wouldn't be fair to those who have seen it and want to keep reading, now would it?

One of the funny parts of the movie is the father always using Windex to cure everything, and the family rolling their eyes at dad and his crazy idea.

In my family, I'm the crazy one (no comments from the peanut gallery) who suggests one thing to cure everything that ails.  The children are the ones to roll their eyes and think I've lost my marbles.  What is this one thing?  Water.  Yes, plain, simple water.

Kid: My stomach hurts.
Me: Drink a glass of water and let me know how it feels afterward.

Kid (not necessarily the same one): I'm hot.
Me: Drink a glass of water.

Kid (not necessarily the same one): I'm hungry.
Me: Drink a glass of water, you're probably thirsty.

Kid (not necessarily the same one): I have a headache.
Me: When did you last drink a glass of water?  Then go drink one.

Kid (do I really need to type it again?): I'm starting to not feel very good.
Me: Then I want you to drink a glass of water now, and after lunch, and in the afternoon, and after supper.

You get the picture - right?  You would also think that with all this talk, there would be a lot more water action.  But sadly, the kids still think they know more than their wise mama and continue to roll their eyes at me.

I can't wait until their future spouse answers them when asked how they got over "x,y,or z" answers, "I drank some water."


Melanie T. said...

That's me at our house. I finally bought big 32 oz water bottles for each of them and told them to drink one full one in the morning and again in the afternoon. Surely, you'd think, with awesome water bottles they would listen to me, right? Yeah, right.

My kids roll their eyes too. Now I just say "What do you think you should do?" Most of the time they just walk away.

Someday they'll be having the same conversation with their kids. And we'll just smile.

Hannah said...

Here comes the comment from the peanut gallery you so specifically asked for...

You didn't need to add the rest of that sentence, just keeping it at 'I'm the crazy one' would have worked just fine. ;)

Also, I'm pretty sure the thing that got me over my headache was reading the Silmarillion, not that tylenol and water I had... wink wink.

Emommy said...

I just watched this movie tonight after not seeing it for many years. Gotta love the Windex schtick--AND the grandma who keeps trying to run away from the "Turks" AND how every other kid in the family is named Nick. Even though they sludged the baptism part of the storyline, seeing the inside of a Greek Orthodox church with some chanting is a plus, too. :)

And drinking water cures just about anything, I thought. :P