Friday, April 20, 2012

Halfway to 30

Our dear Ellie had a birthday this week.

She chose to have sausage-egg bake and blueberry scones for breakfast, and shrimp francesca with feticinni alfredo for dinner (or lunch).  Since her father had a very busy schedule on her birthday night, we ate her birthday supper of hotdogs, boxed macaroni-n-cheese, Pringles, and lemonade the next evening with Grandpa and Grandma, her Uncle Matt, and her cousins Alison and Emily.

Oh and don't forget the cake and ice-cream!

All her siblings wanted to decorate the cake.  So I divided it into parts and let them decorate their own section!

Unfortunately our tradition of always making home-made ice-cream for birthdays has fallen away due to our ice-cream freezer breaking and me forgetting to find a replacement!

She got some lovely gifts.

From her siblings

From Grandpa and Grandma

Also from Grandpa and Grandma

From Dad and Mom - it is to hang on the wall and hold all her hair things, make-up, and other goodies

Last week, Ellie bought The Hunger Games.  Although she has read the entire series, as has her sister Hannah, she wanted to own the books.  And she wanted her father and I to read them so we would then take her and Hannah to see the movie.  I finished the book in a couple of days.  I knew that her siblings were buying her the other two for her birthday and it was a bit of torture to wait till she opened the gifts before I could get my hands on Catching Fire.  I'm glad she has read them and was willing to let me have the book.

So if you were peaking in our window last night after everyone left, you would have seen this:

It was a rainy, cold day and evening. And curled up in our favorite spots, finishing our wine, while enjoying a good book was a fantastic way to end the evening.
Happy Birthday my dearest Ellie.  I hope you had a good time, despite the cold!


Ewe said...

We have this ice cream maker and an extra bowl for it. We never buy ice cream at the store any more.
Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Laura said...

Oh my....the kids decorating the cake, the beautiful ring from grandparents...and you two reading at the end...nearly did me in! What a blessing to celebrate another year of life!